About Sheriff’s Auction Information

There is a sheriff’s auction held every day of the year in some State in the United States possibly excluding holidays and Sundays. These auctions usually fall into a couple of groups and include such things as real estate, jewelry, automobiles, and mobile homes but not limited to these types of items.

A sheriff’s auction is usually the last step in foreclosure of real estate or an attempt to collect a debt. Many state and local laws basically charge the auction of impounded, foreclosed, and abandoned items to the highest law enforcement officer in that jurisdiction. Of course that officer is almost always the county sheriff.

As we construct this Sheriff’s Auction website our goal will be to include information on finding each and every auction that is scheduled throughout the country. We plan on doing this by providing links to all counties within all States in the United States so you, our reader, can do research on any place that is holding an auction. Also, through our blog posts we will be giving announcements of upcoming auctions daily .

Since this site is in it’s beginning stages I have provided a search box on the sidebar in which you can begin your search for sheriffs auctions immediately. Please keep checking back frequently to see how our site is growing from day to day. Also, it is recommended you subscribe to our RSS feed to be updated when changes are made.